Our Plan
At Quinton Park our vision is to 'keep Christ at the heart, in the heart of Cheylesmore'. To help us with this, we have set some objectives and come up with some practical actions.
Objective 1
Develop our closeness to God
Objective 2
Develop our fellowship and discipleship
Objective 3
Develop our outreach
Develop Our Closeness To God

-Developing Holy Spirit spontaneity(‘open the roof spiritually’)

-Carefully exploring prophetic words and pictures

-Increased sense of worship in services

-‘Attractive’ worship


-Teaching on Holy Spirit

-Conversational Bible Studies

-New materials for housegroups

-Consider setting up a new housegroup at church

-Training of leaders


-Developing spontaneity in prayer (e.g. during communion, for children, for each other, etc)

-Considering new prayer ministries (e.g. directed prayer, healing)

-Openness to new styles (e.g. prophetic words/pictures)

-STOP/ United in Prayer/ Deacons’ prayer evenings with specific emphases on seeking God’s will

Develop Our Fellowship And Discipleship

-Food and Fun evenings

-Occasional inclusion of young people in communion

-Deacons’ meal

-Conversational Bible Studies

-Launching of a QP men’s ministry

-Training leaders

-Development of children and youth work (perhaps in collaboration with other churches or organisations such as YfC)

Develop Our Outreach

-Updating our website

-Welcome packs

-Leaflet drops

-Personal evangelism training

-Consider conducting a Community survey

-Food and Fun evenings