Gordon and Linda
Gordon and Linda have been with us since 2017 below is their story and how God led them to us

Gordon has been an Elim Church minister, for 28 years having served enjoyable pastorates in Newcastle, Larne and Worcester. In 2010 he took time out to engage in some fresh learning at Regents Theological College, Elim’s national training centre in West Malvern, Worcestershire, where he undertook a BA Degree in Applied Theology ,graduating with a 2:1 in June 2013. Linda served as a Supervisor in the College dining room, where she was valued and loved by students and staff alike.

Following completion of his studies Gordon  joined  the Pastoral care team at Regents and also became an Associate Minister at Lifehouse, Worcester’s Elim Church, and Pastoral Advisor to Malvern Baptist Church. All this in addition to studying for a Masters Degree, which is still ongoing!

On the 21st February 2017, Gordon accepted a unanimous call to become the minister of Quinton Park Baptist Church, having been introduced to QP by Rev Alison Mackay, a Regional Baptist Superintendent, some months previous. He is serving as a Elim Minister, in a Baptist church, for the Kingdom’s sake and sees this as an extension of his Inter-Church vision, which is to be an encouragement to the Body of Christ, wherever he finds it!! This unusual appointment was further endorsed by Elim’s National Leadership Team and by the Baptist Union of Great Britain. He and Linda were inducted on the 17th of June 2017 and the caring Irish couple have settled in remarkably well after being ‘sent’ to Coventry and feel very much at home!

They still return to N. Ireland several times a year to visit family and friends and in connection with Gordon’s role as Chaplain with the loyal orders there. In his spare time, he is an ardent football fan, supporting Portadown FC and Leeds United! He is also an avid reader of the Guardian Newspaper and is a member of Christians on the Left, which is affiliated to the Labour Party. He and Linda enjoy walking in the nearby parks and visiting the local coffee shops for their delicious pastries!