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who we are
We believe God is at work within us and within the wider community and the world

Celebration Service on Sunday 6th July at 6.00pm

The service will last about an hour and will include praise and worship, prayer and a celebration of what the Lord has done through Open Heaven. The service will be broadcast on the Open Heaven Coventry YouTube channel which you can access and subscribe to by clicking here: https://bit.ly/2YdokDT

Starting from 4th July, every Saturday in July, we will be opening Church for a time of quiet personal prayer at 11.00am for an hour.

Our Church will be available for individuals or a “family group.” If you are looking for a place to be, amongst all of the uncertainty and turmoil, come and find a place of peace and quiet. We are fortunate, in a great time of need we are able to offer a place of sanctuary to our congregation and community.

In order to respect Government guidelines, the Church will implement a one way system, washing hands on entrance and exit, social distancing, hand sanitizer, allocated places to pray, cleansing seating surfaces, etc., in order to remain compliant and importantly, keep everyone safe. We are not returning to worship or church life as we know it - yet! Church leaders will be leading the initiative and stewarding the prayer time. Please note: Toilets will remain closed.

Our Vision
Maximise the potential of our church
Advance the purpose of God
Build his kingdom
Quote to note
You can't break God's promises by leaning on them!
Our Plan
In 2020 we continue to focus on developing our closeness to God, growing our love for one another and reaching out with God's love to our community
New update! 21/05/20
Gordon's Pastoral Letter No. 3
Quinton Park is part of the Baptists Together association. The Leadership Team of QPBC fully affirm the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance UK.
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